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2015 Kardio-Xercise™ Fitness & Eat Right Be Healthy Meal Calendars – COMBO PACK

2015 Kardio-Xercise™ Fitness & Eat Right Be Healthy Meal Calendars – COMBO PACK


The KX Fitness Calendar and the Eat Right. Be Healthy. Meal Calendar are not a regular wall calendars – they are functional tools!  Their designs will keep you on track of your fitness goals.  Yes, we live in an app world, yet we all still use wall calendars.  So, why not get even more use out of them.  Both calendars are a convenient size which allows you to also carry them in your binder and take them everywhere! 

Use the KX Fitness Calendar to track your daily exercise routines and make sure that you are on track of your fitness goals; every day of the week, through the whole month, and the entire year!  It’s very important to track your results, so now you can do it all in the same place and easily look back at past months just like you would with a fitness journal.  This is a must if you are serious about staying on top of your fitness goals.

The Eat Right. Be Healthy Meal Calendar design features recipes (with pictures) for: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert  too.  In addition to helping you track your eating habits and achieving your health goals for the entire year, the calendar also has eating tips and useful tidbits to help you stay healthy.  Now you can easily look back at  past months to monitor your eating habits and measure your progress… it’s a meal tracker too!  You can’t out-work a bad diet with exercise, so if you are serious about being healthy this a must have tool for staying on track of your eating/diet.

Kardio-Xercise™ and The Hope Heart Institute


  • 12 months with national holidays

  • Featuring Rachael Lust

  • Convenient size 8.5 x 11 (closed)

  • Check-off daily exercise routines

  • Measure your fitness results

  • Record your progress (fitness journal)

  • 4 recipes per month (48 total)

  • Recipe in 3 x 5  formats

  • Check-off daily eating habits

  • Track of your goals & results

  • Healthy eating tips and useful tidbits

  • Record your eating habits (meal tracker)

    2015 Fitness Calendar - COVER

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NOTE: Calendars will ship late December, 2014


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Price: $25.00

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Rachael Lust Break-workshop in Chicago, IL – sponsored by Kardio-Xercise™

Are you ready to get your hooping on in Chicago, IL?  This hooping workshop is sure to target your midsection and provide a great arm workout; lead by  “2014 Female Hooper of the Year” (voted by hooping.org)… Rachael Lust.

This will be an intense 3 hour hooping workshop focused on  break variations and techniques.  Breaks are the current hot trend in hooping, learn them from one of the best! This will be a major cardio-workout be prepared to sweat.  Ticket purchase includes a  Kardio-Xercise™ goodie bag  to include: head/sweat band, silicone wristband, and bag (valued at $15.00)


  • WHEN: Sunday July, 13th, 2014  / 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • WHERE: Lake Shore Park Gymnasium – 808 N. Lake Shore Dr Chicago, IL 60611


*Tickets must be purchase by Friday, July 11th  – NO ticket sales at the event. Must be 18 or over years of age in order to participate in workshop.

NOTE: KX Evolution, Inc. and Rachael Lust highly recommend to consult with a doctor before performing any physical activity.  By purchasing a ticket you agree to not hold either party responsible for any injuries caused by participating in this workshop.

Price: $0.00

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KARDIO-XERCISE™ Headband – Mix-and-Match Colors

Get your KARDIO-XERCISE™ Heavyweight Headband.

Choose between any color avaliable and save with this special pricing option!  Price includes two (2) headbands.

This absorbing sweatband will show off your “KX”  style and commitment to A Fitness Movement.  Quality embroidery in classic black and red, will make the headband long lasting.


Additional DescriptionMore Details

2 ply Heavyweight Headband Description: 2″, 2-Ply, Heavyweight Headband Content: 93% Cotton / 7% Elastic


Old Price: $20.00

Price: $15.00

You save: $5.00

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KARDIO-XERCISE™ Woven Lanyard (set of 2)

Wear your commitment to A Fitness Movement wherever you go with the KARDIO-XERCISE™ woven lanyard. They are sporty, strong, and multi-functional.

Use them to carry your keys, ID, phone, or water bottle.  They feature a high-quality buckle and a breakaway release clip for safety.

Price includes two (2) lanyards.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Made of polyester material with a textured feel. Lanyard is red w/ white stitching.


Old Price: $9.00

Price: $7.00

You save: $2.00

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