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Choose Your Eat Right. Be Healthy Program.

“Achieving goals in both weight loss and fitness are NOT exclusively related to the amount or type of exercise we do. In fact, studies and research have recently shown that up to 70-80% of weight loss results come down to a person’s eating habits.  Studies have also concluded that exercise is NOT an effective strategy for weight loss if used in isolation.”

The Eat Right. Be Healthy. Program is a complete web-based nutrition & meal planning application.  Because  it’s totally intuitive and based on real world scenarios, you will be able to tailor-make an entire week’s meal-plan, recipes and shopping list in less than 15 minutes. You can prepare those for yourself or for you and your partner or for your entire family – just input the number of people and this special program takes care of all the planning for you.

The Eat Right. Be Healthy. Program, is designed specifically to help fill the ‘nutritional void’ that many people fall into.  It can help you maintain, gain or lose the extra weight.

A diets plan just for you and your lifestyle

  • Dietary requirements/allergies (i.e. vegan/lactose)
  • Shopping lists
  • Full Target Zones and Progress Charts
  • Recipes to suit available cooking times

And all these benefits:

  • Personalize and tailor your meal planner.
  • Create a personalized meal planner for an entire week that is filled with mouth-watering recipes.
  • Print a shopping list that is automatically calculated from your meal planner.
  • Choose from hundreds of mouth-watering recipes.
  • Keep track of your progress.

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