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The KX Fitness Calendar is not a regular wall calendar - it's a functional tool!  Its design will keep you on track of your fitness goals.  Yes, we live in an app world, yet we all still use wall calendars.  So, why not get even more use out of them.  Use it to track your daily exercise routines and make sure that you are on track of your fitness goals; every day of the week, through the whole month, and the entire year!  It's very important to track your results, so now you can do it all in the same place and easily look back at past months just like you would with a fitness journal.  The convenient size allows you to also carry it in your binder and take it everywhere!  This is a must if you are serious about staying on top of your fitness goals.


Kardio-Xercise™ and The Hope Heart Institute



  • 12 months with national holidays
  • Featuring Rachael Lust 
  • Convenient size 8.5 x 11 (closed)
  • Check-off daily exercise routines
  • Track of your goals
  • Measure your fitness results
  • Record your progress (fitness journal)

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NOTE: Calendars will ship late December, 2014

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