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The 2015 KX Fitness Calendar and the 2015 Eat Right. Be Healthy. Meal Calendar are here!  These are not just wall calendars, they are fully functional fitness tools uniquely designed to help you achieve your goals!

We all know that exercise is necessary for being in good shape and because of this, it is also important that we track our progress – this where the KX Fitness Calendar comes in.  Start 2015 out right.  Now you can tracker your exercise routines, goals, and results all in the same place.

Our eating habits are vital to being healthy and fit. Just like you go to the refrigerator everyday, you also look at your wall calendar everyday, right? Use the Eat Right. Be Healthy. Meal Calendar to help you stay on top of your overall health.   Make your calendar a functional tool by tracking your everyday eating habits, listing your goals, along with your results in one convenient spot!

Both calendars are  functional tools designed to better your health by providing you with accountability when setting your personal goals.

2015 Fitness Calendar - COVER

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2015 Kardio-Xercise™ Eat Right Be Healthy Meal Calendar plus Tracker

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2015 KX Fitness & Eat Right Be Healthy Meal Calendars - COMBO PACK

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